This is Titiksha 2020

The biggest technology and Science fest hosted by students of SMVDU, Katra in the Jammu and Kashmir state… uh, not exactly state right now…
Anyway, Titiksha was started the same year the white papers for Bitcoins were published, 2008. Over the course of years, the event hosted here has grown by degrees and every year it grows even further.

The word "Titiksha" is a Sanskrit word. Titiksha means "patient endurance of suffering" and there's also a Titiksha Public School and both of these caused a problem for this Titiksha website to get ranked. But no problem now, you are here and reading this "INFO" section located at the top left section of the website just for the sake of SEO.

Now a little about Titiksha SMVDU, the events are categorized into 3 sections. Mega Events, Formal Events and Informal Events. You can check them out in the Events section and you will probably find some interesting one for your self. So join and don't forget to enjoy.

Titiksha 2020
SMVDU Katra Technology Fest
17-19 Jan

Dubsmash Submission! (Closed)